Lived 28 years so far, and i just realized that being a good friend is not easy…
I have a bunch of friends who i have known for almost my whole life. They have been very supportive and i love them. Arguments sometimes are unavoidable, but once you learnt not to take it too hard, friendship could be very awesome.
I got to know a bunch of gay friends, and as time passes, we grew pretty close. Although i don’t really like gay guys bitching people around, they can be very nice and sweet friends too! Sometimes it makes me feel like i’m living in two different world on this planet. The communications between gay friends and straight friends are totally different. The lifestyle, the habits, the behavior, and so many things that are just so different. Well, like people said, it is what it is. The more people we meet, the more we learn about things and life. I like to observe human being like i mentioned before, i love how amazing this life is. But it takes more than it seems to be a good friend.
Recently, i got to know many guys from many different countries. That’s one of many privileges being a gay. You get to meet new people very soon even if you live a hundred or thousand miles away. The characteristics are varies, and you will love it.
I got to know a guy who is just out from a painful relationship. He met the wrong guy, that’s all i can say. Today, he said he is disappointed in me because i didn’t want to meet him and his just break-up boyfriend. He said he needed time to sort things out before get closer to me, and i agreed. Been sending him message everyday just to cheer him up. Turns out, he felt not enough. I didn’ want to involve myself into their relationship and now, im being accused for being not supportive. Being a good friend can be tough, people might expecting something from you, but once, only once you failed to be the guy they want you to be, then you are not a good friend. Sometimes we tried our best to be a good friend, but people might thinkwe are giving enough. I’m tired honestly. I think i know bettrr how far i’m willing to give or help as a friend. But when people don’t know how to appreciate you, there is nothing more we can do… really..