Since I was a kid, there is one kind of man… yes, a kind of man i always want to be and to be with – Charismatic Knight. 😀

Well, I am amazed and it blew me away every single time I see a guy with charisma from the way he talks and his small gestures. We don’t always need to be super handsome with supermodel face or super tall to be a charming guy. Charisma and charm comes from inside out, not outside in. I think nobody born to be charming, but they cultivate and nurture what inside them since they are born. We all have the qualities to be charming, we just need to know how to learn to be one. Therefore, I listed a quite few lists I personally think that would make me a better guy, well, a charming guy :

1. Be comfortable with yourself and genuine
2. Take pleasure in company with others and be genuine
3. Be self-effacing
4. Be fun-loving
5. Make good eye contact and be focus
6. Listen exceptionally well
7. Authenticity in the way one presents himself
8. A gentle and genuine curiosity in the people around you
9. Possessing well reasoned convictions
10. Humility

Those are the attributes I could come up with. Not easy to be a charming guy, but I am still trying over these past ten years. I have been very clear with what I want to be when I was younger, and now I realized I haven’t become one. I enjoy the process though. I love this life, full of uncertainty, full of hope, endless dreams to follow, to obtain. Also, stressful!

Have a nice weekend and enjoy life ^^