I always know that I have a special connection with paper & pen. I like being around them. And I feel secure when I have my pen, paper or notebook with me. I feel ease when I know that I always have a place to write out my emo, to vent my frustrations, and to write out motivation note for myself. Of course the purpose of pen and book aren’t just to vent out emotions, but they also a good tools to note down to-do list, checklist, errands menu, and etc.

I do most of my admin work manually (on books) instead of using ms.excel or words. I feel sense of accomplishment and more secure instead of using any device. It applies the same for my daily to-do list. Instead of using note on cellphone, i do really prefer to jot down on a small note-book of mine or a piece of paper. Although most of my friends using laptop or cellphone to take note of everything, I still feel that using paper and pen makes me feel easier. For me, devices and smart phone aren’t as smart as we think they are. Reliance to devices and smart phone makes human become retarded time to time. When you are inspired with something, you just need to take out pen and paper to jot down. I know using smart phone is much more convenient to bring, but think this, when you take out your smart phone, you have to swipe and unlock your password to access to main home screen. After that, you have to find the apps “memo” to take note. By then, a message came in. You switched to message, you read it then you got carried away and forgot that you have something to take note. OR when you have read the message that came in, you go back to the main menu, forget that what you want to write at the “memo” or you MIGHT forgot what you want to do with the smart phone at the first place.

I love smart phone, and I like virtual world’s news. But as much as I like them, I still find them a big distractions for humanity. Well, everyday we read news about how people died in a car accidents while texting or taking selfies. We read news about how people over-focus on smartphone and their babies got hit by a car or kidnapped due to their negligence. Friends lack of communication due to this kind of distraction too. It is the same with laptop. Sometimes you just want to focus doing one thing on it, another things take place. How? simply by looking at every page you are following online, you can see there are just too many sidelines ads, google ads and any kind of plugins from the web itself. That leads to distractions, which I think, making us losing focus, and little by little, human become dependent on techs and slowly become retarded. Well, that’s what I think. People don’t really have to agree. But, if you happen to be like me, you just feel like you are losing focus on real things, take some time and think about how many hours do you spend on gadget each day? Then I’m sure you will feel the same way I do.

Pen & Papers are great tools for me. Everywhere I go, I like to write what comes first on my mind. Any forgotten to-do list, once they are suddenly flash on my mind, i will be able to jot down anytime. Remembering you have to delete accomplished things on gadget, you just have to draw a line on paper or throw it away after done your to-do list. Easier, isn’t it?