My initial name is PK. I love my name. It’s kinda challenging. It sounds tough, but, keen for a free-tour?

A bit of Confident, Humorous, straight-forward, caring, friendly but shy (lol), well.. it takes time to go through the shell, isn’t it?

I love sharing. Things, food, laughter, love… just waiting for the sincere one to show up and time to share!! I sing during my spare time with friends, gym, swimming, hanging out with friends for a coffee and movies, or just lying lazy at home with home theater on my fav DVDs!!!

I’m nice to talk to, to hug to, to confide in, to tease with, to dine with, to date with, to joke with, to party with, to read with, to sit on a couch during the night time. ding!

Living in a small town in Indonesia, I don’t limit myself from narrow-minded typo and explore things out there. Hopefully will meet someone along the way. Currently learning and trying to write a novel, hopefully you will see them someday in the bookstores!! 😀

“My friends said I am… ” – is kinda lame. nah, im trying to tell you the real me, so I suppose at least I’m able to identify myself?
“DTE, kind, nice…” – we change from year to year and sometimes people being “kind or nice” only to certain people. Just being realistic =p

Every human is special. So, there’s nothing special on me. I’m just another guy on-the-street you might bump into someday. Say “Hi”, you know I’m shy! :p


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